Our Editorial Principles

Our Editorial Principles

We drive to provide top-quality and most accurate information to our readers.

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Editorial Principles

In order to make sure that we can deliver the best possible content, we have set of editorial principles. These 6 core elements ensure that we provide the highest standard of content to our readers, and reflect what we stand for.


We’re always doing our best to provide as transparent editorial content as we can, including listing the full sources of written information and content.


Sometimes mistakes do happen. We invite our readers and partners to contact us if they see something that they don’t agree with or is outdated.


We are in touch with the operators we list and write about, so that we can get direct updates straight from the casino brand itself to provide latest updates.


We aim to give real value to our readers. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on the content we upload so that we could improve your experience.


The information that we provide is written from an objective perspective, and we are not influenced in any way to give certain rating to the casino.

Fact Check

Facts are more important than ever. Our fact check program allows you to give as a drop to re-consider our content if you believe it is untrue or misleading.