Getting Listed Guide

Interested to add your brands to our website and get a rating? On this page, you'll find our complete guidelines of what are the criteria to get listed and how it works.

If you think we should have heard of you but we haven't got your site accessible on ours, read our guidelines to get listed and how it works, and then reach out to us.

Our Listing Criteria

In order to get listed to our website, your brand need to fullfill the following requirements:

Licensing & Jurisdiction

Is your brand licensed and regulated in a trustworthy jurisdiction? If the casino is US-based, does it follow the state laws regarding online casino gambling? All of the casinos listed on our website need to hold regulator(s) logos and issued licenses clearly visible to your visitors.


Quality of Games

Are your games available in high quality and are they responsive to both mobile and desktop users? Do you offer a good gaming experience for your customers? We’ll take into consideration the quality of the games on which you give access to gamble.

Fair Software Providers

Are your available casino games made by the well-known and the best companies in the industry? Are they fair and transparent? Remember that we’ll require a certain number of industry-leading software providers available on your site to get listed for our website.


Independent Audits

All of the casinos need to be licensed and also have the option to be audited by eCogra or another independent way. The available games need to be independently tested to prove your game’s fairness. The logo of the auditor must be displayed on your website.

Customer Service

Your casino should offer professional and ethical customer service via live chat, phone, and email. Customer support needs to be conducted in a swift and friendly manner. We’ll test your customer service quality before your brand(s) can be added to our website.


Payment Options

Does your casino offer multiple payment options to deposit and withdraw funds? Which payment providers do you use? We’ll take your payment options into consideration before adding your brand(s) to our website. We also require that you pay out winnings in less than 48 hours.


Your casino should offer at least one (1) cryptocurrency for deposit, withdrawal, and gameplay. Since we’re mainly focused on cryptocurrency casinos on our website, we will not accept your brand(s) to our list if there are no cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin available to play on.

How It Works

If you think you'll meet our criteria to get listed on our website, here's how the procedure work out.
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Contact Us

Start the procedure of getting listed on our website by contacting us via this form. Please state clearly which company and brands you are representing, as well as who you are. Give us a drop of your email and Skype address, if available. This will make the process much faster for both of us.

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Set Up for a Deal

Your casino needs to have an affiliate program available for us to start promoting your brand(s). The deal does not affect your chance to get listed and does not affect the rating of your brand(s). The most common deals are the Revenue Share model (RS) and Click Per Action (CPA), or a Hybrid model of these two.

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Criteria Check

After you have contacted us, and we have set up for a deal or we have registered to your affiliate program, it’s time for us to check that your brand(s) will pass our Criteria Guidelines. This process can take as long as up to 30 days. Please note that we’ll process all the applications in chronological order.

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Getting a Rating

Your casino brand(s) will be rated according to our Rating Guidelines. The rating guidelines differ from the criteria check and are much more detailed. You cannot affect the rating in any way with your affiliate deal. The process of getting a rating will take up to 30 days. Please note that after your brand gets rated, you’ll be able to request a re-rating every 90 days period.

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All Done. You're Listed

Hurray! If you have passed our Criteria Check, and we have Rated Your Brand(s), all is done, and it is time to get your casino listed on our website. Now you’ll be able to get visibility to your site and potentially grow your customer count. Please remember you’re free to use our Media Kit files on your website.

Contact Us

Use the form below in order to get a listed on our website.